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New Preprint with Fatemi Lab

New Preprint with Fatemi Lab

Together with the Fatemi Lab at Cornell University, we are excited to announce our new preprint “Dissipationless Nonlinearity in Quantum Material Josephson Diodes”.
You can check it out here:

The Josephson diode effect has seen much attention in Condensed Matter lately as a tool to detect broken symmetries. But what about quantum information applications? Do Josephson diodes have a role to play here? In our new preprint, we explore this question. Specifically, we show that Josephson diodes can generate three-wave mixing, which is important for building amplifiers, bosonic qubits, and qubit couplers. Moreover, Josephson diodes permit such three-wave mixing with either no parametric bias whatsoever or fast control with gate voltages instead of magnetic flux. It will be interesting to now explore more broadly the three-wave mixing capabilities of different Josephson diode systems.