Group culture

Our group emphasizes the importance of mentorship and training. Our primary objective is to ensure that our Ph.D. students graduate as leading experts in the fields of superconducting quantum devices and quantum materials. Additionally, we strive to provide our Ph.D. students with a broad skillset that prepares them for diverse career opportunities, including positions within the growing quantum industry and academic roles.

To achieve these objectives, we highly value a collaborative atmosphere and open discussions during regular meetings. Although we operate as a theoretical research group, we have established and close ties with leading experimental groups in our field (see the list of our friends and collaborators below). These collaborations allow us to immerse ourselves in impactful research topics with the potential of near-term experimental realizations.

Our expectation is for group members to showcase intrinsic motivation and initiative. Concurrently, it also important for us to cultivate an environment where everyone feels valued and included. In actively supporting diverse perspectives and backgrounds, our groups follow closely the values formulated in the LSU President’s Engagement Message and we embrace the resources provided by the LSU Division of Engagement, Civil Rights & Title IX.

Friends, current and former collaborators

(In alphabetical order)

Valla Fatemi Cornell University
Karsten Flensberg Niels Bohr Institute
Liang Fu MIT
Andras Gyenis University of Colorade, Boulder
Silas Hoffman Laboratory of Physical Sciences
Morten Kjaergaard Niels Bohr Institute
Jelena Klinovaja University of Basel
Georgios Katsaros IST Austria
Leo P. Kouwenhoven TU Delft
Patrick A. Lee MIT
Martin Leijnse Lund University
Daniel Loss University of Basel
Charles M. Marcus University of Washington & Niels Bohr Institute
Jagadeesh Moodera MIT
Saulius Vaitiekenas Niels Bohr Institute